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MBA cum Certificate in In-flight Management

Programme: Masters of Business Administration (“MBA”)
Course Structure Overview:


Learning hours-7-10 hours / week Semester-4 Credits-120
Duration-24 Commencement of Program – 1st Jan & 1st July Total Subjects – 18


Semester – 1 Semester – 2
Management Functions & Behaviour
Economics for Managers
Information Technology for Managers
Quantitative Techniques in Management
Accounting for Managers
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Financial Management
Legal Aspects of Business
Research Methodology
(Residential end term mode classes for 5 days) (Residential end term mode classes for 5 days)
Semester – 3 Semester – 4
Core Subjects Core Subjects
Business policy& strategic Management
Select any of the stream of specialization in 3rd Semester
Total Quality Management
Project Work
Specialization area opted in 3rd Semester will continue in 4th Semester

Marketing and Sales
Consumer Behavior
Distribution & Logistics Management
Product & Brand Management

Human resource Management
Organizational Change & Development
Industrial Relations & Labor Laws
Performance & Competency Management

Finance and accounting
Cost & Management Accounting
Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
Management of Financial Services

Marketing and Sales
Advertising & Sales Management
Marketing of Services
Customer Relationship Management

Human resource Management
Talent Acquisition & Development
Compensation & Reward Management
Organizational Design & Structural Process

Finance and accounting
Corporate Tax Planning
Management of Financial Institutions
Project Planning, appraisal & Control

(Residential end term mode classes for 4 days) (Residential end term mode classes for 4 days)


Program: Certificate in In-Flight Management
Course Structure Overview:


1. Safety and Emergency procedures The Safety & Emergency Procedures training details out the functions performed by a Cabin Crew on board the aircraft. The trainees have to go through a rigorous training schedule and it is important for them to understand the core functions and responsibilities of cabin crew. Unit I – Basic Indoctrination
Unit II – Aircraft Type Training
Unit III – Introduction to In-Flight Emergencies
Unit IV – Introduction to Aircraft Emergencies
2. Image Management This module is designed to give students a comprehensive view of grooming- its process, types, importance, principles and barriers. It will develop an understanding for image development of an individual Unit- I: Introduction to Aviation basics
Unit- II: Image make up & Management
Unit- III: Grooming & Etiquette
Unit-IV: Building confidence
3. Customer Service in Aviation The work of a Cabin Crew is very exciting and offers the opportunity to meet different people. From the moment you welcome passengers onboard the aircraft, their safety and comfort are your concern. You will be demonstrating emergency procedures, serving meals and drinks, taking care of special needs passengers, and selling duty-free items. You will deal with both routine tasks, as well as exceptional and challenging situations. Unit I – Behind the scenes (Preflight duties & Management)
Unit II – Setting the stage (In-flight duties & Management)
Unit III – Showtime (In-flight duties 7 management Part 2)
Unit IV – ACT 2 (Inflight duties & Management post flight completion)
4. Customer Training (In-flight) To equip crew with fundamentals of spoken English and facilitate them with other skills required to communicate effectively with internal as well as external customers. Along with recognizing the power of verbal communication, trainees also get to understand how non-verbal communication plays a vital role in creating an impression. The module also introduces them to email writing. Unit I: Communication
Unit II: Verbal Communication
Unit III: Conversational Skills
Unit IV: Announcements
Unit V: Business English
Unit VI: Non-verbal Communication
Unit VII: E-mail Writing and Presentation Skills
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