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Digital Learning

The world is moving the digital way’ is not an element of surprise for any of us. In fact, a lot of elementary education is being imparted through the digital medium. It makes learning easy and accessible for one and all. There is no scope of disparity when it comes to E-learning.

For a programme of this nature where a student would be working and studying; E-learning is the first and foremost recourse. The biggest and the best names in the field of education and research have adapted this method of learning. It centres around self-learning, which by far is the best way to learn.

  • Ease of giving exams: Ease of giving exams from anywhere in the country.
  • E-Learning: Amity firmly believes in exhaustive student support. While delivering the programme through the conventional classroom mode in all possible cases, Amity University also provides the same education online through a strong Learning Management System (LMS) support.
  • E-Mentoring: It involves giving academic support necessary for distance learners via e-mail. In a model like this, it will enable students to clear doubts with ease given the nature of their job which may keep them away from being physically present.
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